Home Decor ideas


When it comes to coming out with home decor core ideas, the trick to finding what appeals to you is adding a touch of your own unique personality to your decoration choices. Me think of glamorous houses that interior designers designed, what catches your eyes the most is how personable each setting feels.

By tapping into your individual ideas and tastes and expressing them through unique cordination, you can you re-create your living space. It will make you feel as if you are home was coordinated by your own personal interior designer.



When you think of lamps, you think of a lightbulb under a shade on top of some type of decorative stand that you sit on a coffee table. But there are so many different types of land to combine now. There are lamps that you can install on the wall that are battery operated so there is no need to do any electrical wiring. There are floor lamps that can go in the corner and crawl the wall like spiders in order to add sparkles of illumination to a room. There are smaller lights that can be used to illuminate bookshelves to give a room a regal look. There are even wall decorations that have lights built into them. When thinking of lighting a room, think outside the box and put lights at varying levels throughout your home. As an idea, the light is not only used to illuminate, but to also accents portraits and create interesting shadows.


Furniture Accents

If your end tables and coffee tables have bottom layers that you need to decorate, mirrors and glasses are great ideas for a wooden or plain table. In the center of the glass, use decorative bowls and plates to add decoration. Clear glasses with candles on the inside can be use, along with fake flowers and vines artistically arranged. As this decoration is reflected off of the mirror, it adds death and a hint of curiosity for anyone who glances into the reflection.

When we think of decorating our couches. Pillows and throws are always the go to the core items. But instead of having the same pillows, switch it up by making each pillow unique in different. Some may be solid in color, while others have bold decorations. All the same, everything does not have to be perfectly coordinated in order for the room to pull together as long as you use the same colors.



Many times, we scatter pictures throughout the house in various places. Try choosing one wall meant just for portraits and photographs. Group the pictures together in chronological order, according to the people in the pictures, or certain phases in life. By giving small collections of the pictures themes and grouping them together, you create sort of a museum or an exhibit that draws people in. Even more, use mirrors, various sized frames, and wall candles in order to separate and divide the wall into sections.

You could choose to place a large black cast iron candleholder in the center of the wall and arrange the picture frames around it. Or instead, you could place to small but long mirrors on the wall and vertically aligned the picture frames on either sides of the mirrors. Use your imagination to find ways to blend wall decorations and picture frames on one main wall. Then use the remaining wall space for coordinated decorations like masks, abstract art, mirrors or other candleholders.

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