Bathroom Remodeling Tips



Ensure you got all you need.

 Some materials like plumbing fixtures, tubs and tiles can take time to arrive once you have ordered for them. This means that you need to have everything at hand before beginning the bathroom renovations Melbourne job  to avoid frustration of waiting for some material delivery yet the work remains stagnant. Also having all materials helps in letting you know if there is more work to be done before you begin ripping up and patching the walls.

Consider All Your alternatives

  There are designs which are limited, in that it is hard to find the materials needed in the store for the job, and if ordered it will take a long time to be delivered. If this is the case, then look for alternative sources. Try some other stores like independent suppliers who specialize in the particular material for them. If for instance you are looking for tops and the available ones don’t fit, they can be modified to fit. Another alternative will be shopping online and wait for delivery.

Plan for a Shower Storage

There will be a need to have an in-shower storage for your razor, soap, and shampoo so that they cannot be knocked off while showering. To make it look classic and eye appealing, opt for a shelving made of ceramic tiles, which will be installed at one corner of the shower

Another option will be constructing an in built wall shelving, whereby you put frames between the wall studs to be like shelves.

Tear Up the Underlayment

  Since eliminating old flooring vinyl or tile or can be cumbersome, the best way is to rip up the underlayment and the floor cover too. Do it by dividing the underlayment into small units for easy removal. Make sure the circular saw blade gets deep so as to cut across the thin plywood underlayment minus cutting sub-floor beneath it. Afterward, install a brand new underlayment, so that to eliminate chances of leaving a water damaged underlayment of before.

Prefer the usage of Accent Tiles

 Normally, glass tiles are costly, so better use accent tiles for your bathroom as a border to give it an appealing finish.

Opt for a shower rod which is curved.

  Selecting a curved shower rod will tend to add some amount of space in the shower. Apart from space provision, curved rods are appealing to the eye and them being fastened to the walls using screws will prevent them being pulled down.

Fix a spacer to the toilet extension

Once you have redone the floor with tiles, the toilet will have some raise in that it won’t fit smoothly on the flange together with the floor’s waist line. To rectify this, you will need a flange spacer which can be fixed using screws so as to render that additional height needed for a smooth fitting.

Modernize the lighting

Upgrading the lighting system is also a remodeling process, as you cannot renovate the bathroom fully and leave it with old fashioned lighting fixtures. It’s better to install recessed lights on top of the shower for a clear lighting during bathing.

Contact an expert

If you find difficulty while remodeling, seek help from a professional. For instance, you will need an electrician to fix and install the lighting system or a plumber to help in the water drainage issues.